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PowerPoint Tutorial
Introduction into Microsoft PowerPoint
Starting Up Microsoft PowerPoint
Creating a Presentation
Opening an existing Presentation
Creating a Blank Presentation
Different PowerPoint Views
Slide Manipulation
Slide Animation
Slide Transitions
View Slide Show
Navigating While in Slideshow
Pack up a presentation for use on another computer

Introduction into Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool to create professional looking presentations and slide shows. PowerPoint allows you to construct presentations from scratch or by using the easy to use wizard.

This tutorial will help you get started with Microsoft PowerPoint and may solve some of your problems, but it is a very good idea to use the Help Files that come with Microsoft PowerPoint, or go to Microsoft's web site located at for further assistance.

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Starting Microsoft PowerPoint  

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Creating & Opening a Presentation

After you open up Microsoft PowerPoint, a screen pops up asking if you would like to create a New Presentation or Open An Existing Presentation.


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Opening An Existing Presentation

  1. Select Open An Existing Presentation from the picture above
  2. Click on your presentation in the white box below step 1
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Create a Blank Presentation
After you select Blank Presentation a window pops up asking you to select the layout of the first slide.

Pre-Designed Slide Layouts (Left to Right)

NOTE:If you already know what you want in your next slide, it is a very good idea to choose one of the pre-designed layouts from above. However if you do not, then you can still insert what you want in throughout your Presentation anytime you desire. Just choose Blank Slide and insert items as you see fit.
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Different Views That PowerPoint Demonstrates
There are different views within Microsoft PowerPoint that allow you to look at your presentation from different perspectives.

Normal View Outline View Slide View Slide Sorter View Slide Show View
Switches to normal view, where you can work on one slide at a time or organize the structure of all the slides in your presentation Switches to outline view, where you can work with the structure of your file in outline form. Work in outline view when you need to organize the structure of your file. Switches to slide view, where you can work on one slide at a time Displays miniature versions of all slides in a presentation, complete with text and graphics. In slide sorter view, you can reorder slides, add transitions, and animation effects. You can also set the timings for electronic slide shows. Runs your slide show in a full screen, beginning with the current slide if you are in slide view or the selected slide if you are in slide sorter view. If you simply want to view your show from the first slide:
  1. Click Slide Show at the top of the screen
  2. Select View Show

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Slide Manipulation

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Adding Transitions to a Slide Show

You can add customized transitions to your slide show that will make it come alive and become appealing to your audience. Follow these steps when adding Slide Transitions.

  1. In slide or slide sorter view, select the slide or slides you want to add a transition to.
  2. On the Slide Show menu at the top of the screen, click Slide Transition
  3. In the Effect box, click the transition you want, and then select any other options you want
  4. To apply the transition to the selected slide, click Apply.
  5. To apply the transition to all the slides, click Apply to All.
  6. Repeat the process for each slide you want to add a transition to.
  7. To view the transitions, on the Slide Show menu, click Animation Preview.

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Viewing The Slide Show

You can view your slide show by any of the following ways:

  1. Click Slide Show at the lower left of the PowerPoint window.
  2. On the Slide Show menu, click View Show.
  3. On the View menu, click Slide Show.
  4. Press F5 on the keyboard
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Navigating While In Your Slide Show  

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Pack up a presentation for use on another computer

  1. Open the Presentation you want to pack
  2. On the File menu, click Pack and Go
  3. Follow the instructions in the Pack and Go Wizard.
Unpack a presentation to run on another computer
  1. Insert the disk or connect to the network location you packed the presentation to
  2. In My Computer, go to the location of the packed presentation, and then double-click Pngsetup
  3. Enter the destination you want to copy the presentation to
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