Policy Governing 3D Printing at Verona Public Library

Terms of Use

Makers using the 3D printer must use the 3D printer for lawful purposes and abide by all applicable copyright laws. No weapons or weapons components may be printed. Library staff reserve the right to decline any printer request for any reason.

Users must pay for prints upon pick-up. Prints will be kept by the library for 5 days. After 5 days, the prints will be considered abandoned and disposed of by the library.

File Approval

Users must submit their files in .STL format. Users will need to submit a 3D Printing Request Form along with their .STL file. Library staff will review the file and send a confirmation email to the address provided. Library staff will contact the user if additional information is needed prior to approving the printing request. Library staff will send a follow-up email informing the user of the cost of the print and the due date to pick-up the model.

All submissions are subject to approval based on scheduling and equipment availability. After the file has been printed, picked-up or the 5 day pick-up window has expired, the file will be deleted by library staff.

Fee Schedule

$0.25 per 1 gram of regular filament used

$0.50 per 1 gram of special filament used

Printing may be paid for by cash or check upon pick-up


Users may see slight imperfections in their prints. Small bumps or holes or rough edges at the base of an object may occur with 3D printing. These can sometimes be cleaned up with fine sand paper or other tools.


Refunds will be given if the 3D malfunctions. The user is responsible for all errors that occur during printing involving the stereolithographic (.STL) file and design of the model. If the object does not print correctly due to design errors, it is the responsibility of the user to pay for the object.

APPROVED 12/12/18

Please download, complete and return the 3D Print Request Form to info@veronalibrary.org.

3D Print Request Form 

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