Summer Reading

The Beatles:  All Together Now
Tuesday, July 11th
6:30 pm

Verona Public Library welcomes you to a presentation focusing on the link between: Co-operation, Collaboration, Teamwork and Success.  Example to be discussed: The Beatles!

The Beatles continue to be a source of fascination for almost anyone interested in 20th Century popular music.  Through a focus on various songs we will see how they followed an ever-more-creative recording process, developing a song from its initial idea to the final take.

Presenter Paul Groom was born in the City of Liverpool and attended the same High School as Paul McCartney and George Harrison. He lived in the same village as John Lennon and George Harrison. He has given talks about the Beatles for five years in more than 50 libraries and also to other interested groups. He also gives talks related to other topics of 20th Century culture.    

Take the Clutter Quiz

Take The Clutter Quiz:
Get Simple Summer Tidy-ups Based on Your Personality 

Tuesday, July 25th
7:00 pm

On Zoom:  Log on and take a quick clutter quiz to determine your clutter personality. Then get summer tidy-ups based on your style from author and organizer Jamie Novak. Plus, get a jumpstart with a live guided project! 

You may have seen Jamie Novak on morning TV, read her book Keep This, Toss That, listened to her 10 Minute Podcast, or watched her YouTube Show. Jamie spends most days presenting virtual programs on how to de-stress and de-clutter, with a humorous twist. When not on the computer Jamie is clipping out recipes she never prepares.

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Thursdays, June 29 – Aug. 3rd
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