The Verona Public Library stands with Black Lives Matter. 

“The Verona Public Library strives to be a comfortable and welcoming community gathering place where people of all cultures and backgrounds come together to read, learn, and be inspired. We value diversity and work to build a culture of respect.”

While these words represent the core values and mission of the Verona Public Library, we recognize the injustices that BIPOC face, as well as the fact that we all must take responsibility for how to move forward. As a center of civic engagement, education and community, we believe the Verona Public Library has an important role to play. We recognize that it is not enough to just acknowledge the years of harm caused by systemic racism in our country. We must all do our part to promote a culture of anti-racism in order to fully realize our mission and core values. We will continue to work on our programming, collection development and education to do our part in promoting racial justice, equality and inclusion.