Book Worms

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The Verona Public Library will continue its Book Worms program virtually during the 2020-2021 school year. This program pairs elementary school-aged emerging readers with teen volunteers to provide an additional opportunity to practice reading in a supportive environment. Due to the continued health threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, all Book Worms sessions will be held virtually rather than in the library building. 

The Verona Public Library will assign a teen volunteer to an elementary school-aged child based upon mutual availability, or upon request for pairing with a tutor from the prior school year. The Children’s Librarian will email both the teen and parent of the elementary school student in the same email message to confirm the pairing assignment. The Children’s Librarian will indicate in that email potential times and days for the Book Worms to meet. The parent and teen will decide on a platform that best suites them, whether that be Zoom, Google Meet, etc., in addition to selecting the day and time to meet. Once the weekly meeting time and day are set, the teen volunteer will inform the Teen Librarian and Children’s Librarian of this information via email. The duration of each Book Worms session will be 30 minutes – 1 hour, depending on the comfort and ability of the elementary school student. The teen volunteer will keep track of the meetings in an online log provided by the Teen Librarian.

If either the teen volunteer or elementary student are unable to make a session, the teen or parent will contact the other directly to either cancel or reschedule the session. If cancellations happen regularly, the teen volunteer or parent may contact the Verona Public Library to request a new Book Worm pairing.

All teen volunteers and elementary school students must be residents of Verona in order to participate in this program.