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Book Bundles lets us help you discover your next favorite book. Simply fill out our questionnaire and your Children’s Librarian will be in touch with a litany of new and fantastic books you may like, as well as supplementary material such as coloring pages, critical thinking questions, critical commentary, and more. 

Please note: Requests are limited to one bundle per month per child.

A library card in good standing is required to receive Book Bundles.

Failure to return items will disqualify you from future Book Bundles.

Book Bundles Form
One bundle per child per month. Be advised that processing may take up to 3 weeks.
A Verona Public Library card in good standing is required to participate in Book Bundles.
Please Note: We will be checking out Book Bundle materials to this card. You will be responsible for returning these materials in a timely manner. A receipt will be included with all due dates.
You will receive notification by email once your Book Bundle is available for pickup.
Not required.
Not required.
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