Confidentiality of Library Records

The policy of the Board of Trustees of the Free Public Library of Verona with respect to confidentiality of library records shall be as follows: 

    1. Since the freedom to read and access ideals and information can exist only where access to materials is available with the maximum protection of privacy fro the individual, and since this freedom is implicit in the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, information gathered about patrons shall be limited to that which is absolutely necessary to retrieve borrowed materials. 
    1. Employees of the Verona Public Library shall not divulge information that identifies patrons with the material borrowed to anyone, except by a legal order from an appropriate court of law. This shall specifically prohibit the divulgence of such information to officers of the law or to employees of any federal, state, or local agency of any manner, who do not bear a legal court order; and all journalists, spouses, educators and all others without respect to unusual or special circumstances. 
  1. The purpose of this policy is to assure Verona Public Library patrons, past, present, and future, that they can pursue their quest for information unfettered by concern that their privacy will be unconstitutionally abridged. 

This statement of policy is subject to amendment at any time by the Board of Trustees of the Free Public Library of Verona. 

Approved 3/17/83