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American Royals

Katherine McGee

Place Hold

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8th and up


American Royals tells the story of what the US would look like if George Washington had become king instead of president. Fast forward 250 years later, America is about to have their first queen regnant, Princess Beatrice. Princess Beatrice has been preparing to be queen her whole life, but she is now feeling the restraints that come with that responsibility. Her sister, Princess Samantha, is the spare. Being forgotten in Beatrice’s shadow, she has learned to not care about anything, including her reputation. She does whatever she wants, without breaking any palace rules, and meets a new boy, but one that is distinctly off-limits to her. Prince Jefferson is her twin. He is America’s heartthrob and has two very different girls trying to win his heart. This captivating story is written from the perspective of four different characters. This gives the book a lot of depth and gives four different stories in one. Each character is overcoming different obstacles and each has different goals, making it very fun to read and see where their stories overlap and collide. A solid background for the different characters is established, giving them a relatable and understandable feel. The genre of American Royals is romantic fiction with alternative history. The alternative history makes the book super interesting, as it shows a very realistic view of what America could have been. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone 12 and up.