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The Summer I Turned Pretty 

Jenny Han

Place Hold

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The Summer I Turned Pretty follows Belly’s summer life with her family and the family of her mother’s best friend, Susannah. Susannah has two sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. They all spend the summer together at Cousins Beach. Belly is the youngest and only girl, and feels herself being constantly left out of the activities Jerimiah, Conrad, and her brother, Steven, do throughout the summer. Despite this, Belly has been deeply in love with Conrad since she can remember, but nothing has ever happened between the two. She wants this to change this summer, and tell him how she feels. However, she gets met with other distractions as she meets a new guy, Cam, and starts getting lingering looks from Jeremiah. With all this, Belly’s heart still belongs to Conrad and she can only hope that he feels the same way for her.

The writing style of the book is pretty basic and easy to follow along. It’s not hard to paint a picture of the setting and events that are happening with the descriptions Jenny Han puts into the book. Although the book is only told in the perspective of Belly, you still get an insight into each of the other characters, while still leaving a component of mystery about them. It isn’t made clear exactly how each character feels or what is going on in their lives, but the puzzle unfolds the further you get into the book and the series. The book is a fictional young adult romance. I think the romance aspect of the book is really good, but I wish there was a little more to the rest of the book to make it less simplistic and a little more complex. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone from the ages of 13 to 17 looking for an easy and fun romantic read.