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They Both Die At The End

Adam Silvera

Place Hold

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8th and up


The novel They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera tells the story of two boys living their last day on Earth together. In the world of the novel, everyone is informed of the day they die by “Death-Cast.” The two seventeen-year-old boys that the book follows, Mateo and Rufus, both get this call on the same day. Mateo is an introverted teen with a sick father and only one close friend while Rufus is a delinquent orphan with a gang of a couple of friends. They are opposites, but when they both end up alone on their End Day, they are desperate to find a friend to spend it with. The two try to fit a lifetime into a single day, saying goodbyes and having one last adventure together.

The novel is written from both the point of view of Rufus and Mateo, alternating between chapters. This helps to understand them each better, and gives a deeper insight into what is going on in their lives and what their intentions are for their End Day. Although the boys each have complex background and depth, I found the story to be quite boring and move slowly. They do a couple of activities together, but it feels as though you are waiting for some sort of climax or excitement that never happens. However, the storyline is fun to follow and keeps you interested and wanting to find out what happens to Rufus and Mateo. This book is considered young adult fiction. It is a good example of that as it has a good mixture of violence, adventure, and romance which I feel every good young adult book should have. Overall, the idea for the book is intriguing, but the lack of eventfulness and slow pace makes it hard to recommend it to other readers that are looking for a fun but sad book.