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The Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard

Place Hold

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The Red-Queen series follows 17-year-old Mare Barrow’s journey from being a poor thief to a princess. The world Mare lives in is divided by blood. Those with red blood, such as Mare and her family, live lowly lives, only destined to either serve the Silver blooded elites or get conscripted to war. The Silvers are royalty, born with supernatural abilities that make them nearly gods. In an unlikely coincidence, Mare finds herself in the royal palace and discovers that she also has an ability, but her blood is Red, not Silver. In order to hide Mare’s impossible ability from the world, she is forced to take on the role of a Silver princess, betrothed to one of the princes. As Mare finds herself going deeper into the Silver world, she sees that her actions have the potential to pit prince against prince and gain power that she’d never thought she’d have. The further you get in the series the more you learn about each character. Throughout Red Queen, we learn all about Mare Barrow and her family, and slowly begin to learn more and more about the Silver princes, Cal and Maven. While most of Mare’s background is shared early on in the book, the backgrounds of Cal and Maven are puzzled together throughout the four novels in the series. Each character has their own motivations and history, giving them all depth and making the book very interesting. The Red Queen is written from the perspective of Mare Barrow, looking at the world through her eyes. She is a very observant character, so detailed descriptions are present throughout the book. While we only get to see Mare’s point of view for the first two books in the series, the last two books show the perspective of many characters, changing from chapter to chapter. The book is fantasy fiction. It is a good example of a dystopian young-adult book, bringing together magic, violence, and romance. Overall, the Red Queen, and the rest of the series, is very enjoyable to read and keeps interest throughout. I would recommend this book to anyone from 13-17 years-old.