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Review Crew

Review Guidelines

Review any book you want — fiction, nonfiction, biography, graphic novel, manga, or audiobook.

Submitted book reviews must fall within the following guidelines:

  • Include a brief plot summary.
  •  Discuss various aspects of the book. For example: 
    • What are your thoughts about the characters?
    • How was the writing style?
    • How accurate was the information (non-fiction)?
    • Was it a good example of its genre?
  • Please include if you would recommend the book to others. If you did not like the book (which is totally OK), please say why.  

You can find example reviews right on the PALS Plus catalog. Just search for a title, click on the book’s title, and then click on Explore Summaries, Series, and More. 

Worth 2 hours of community service. 

Submitting Your Review

Fill out the review form. The Teen Librarian will review your work and if it meets the guidelines, it will be added to the Teen  Blog.

Review Crew Submission
Your First and Last Name. Even if you want to your review posted anonymously, you must still provide your full name.
Should we post review anonymously? If you select no, your first name and grade will be included with the published review.
One Star = Hated It and Five Stars = Loved It