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A Farewell to Arms

Ernest Hemingway

Place Hold

Farewell to Arms by Earnest Hemmingway is made beautiful by Hemmingway’s delicious use of the English language. The writing is so beautiful that one is entertained and inspired while reading about wine, trees, cheese, or cobblestone. Hemmingway describes scenes in ways that no one else can. The main character of the story is incredibly concise in his dialogue and this makes him clear and relatable in away. After reading Hemingway’s concise prose, you may feel the need to make your own writing and thinking more clear. Truly, the writing style in this book is beautiful. 

The plot of this book is heartbreakingly beautiful, almost as if a composer of music had put it together. This story of an American soldier in the Italian army while in love with an English nurse will make you question what love really can be. The story is heartbreaking and illustrates how war can destroy beautiful things in life while also forcing people to suffer together beautifully. If you enjoy romance, action, and writing as smooth as whipped creme, you will not be disappointed by this classic.