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Welcome to the Verona Public Library Gamers Club Web Page!

Club meetings are held on Thursdays at 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm (beginning September 12th) in the Library.


Club Norms (a.k.a. The Rules): 

  1. Respect Each Other
  2. No Bad Language
  3. No Yelling
  4. Help Each Other Whenever Possible

For Minecraft Players: 

Realm is accessible to members on Windows 10, iOS, Android, Kindle, and Xbox devices. You must have an Xbox Live account and be invited to access the club realm. Contact Mrs. Mack if you need an invite or direct link to the realm.  Access to the realm is ONLY permitted during club meetings at this time. Please see club and in-game norms below. Violation of these norms can lead to dismissal from the club. 

Minecraft In Game Norms (a.k.a. More Rules): 

  1. Don’t go into other people’s houses without permission
  2. Do not grieve (steal items/destroy stuff)
  3. Fighting is only allowed in battle arenas, when PvP is permissible, and if both parties agree in chat and/or out loud
  4. You can ask players for stuff and help
  5. No swearing in chat
  6. No trolling or bullying
  7. No spawn kills… you must earn it
  8. Pranking is only allowed during specified club time
  9. Only agreed upon cheats may be used during club play
  10. Keep TNT away from others in designated areas
  11. All Club Norms apply in game
  12. BE KIND and HAVE FUN