Tutoring Policy

The Verona Public Library welcomes tutors and students and recognizes the benefit to the students and parents of the community of permitting tutoring within the Library.

The following procedures are intended to provide a balance between the use of the Library by tutors and their students, and the use of the Library by other members of the community.

The Library reserves the right to restrict or ban tutoring at any time without prior notice in the event that it unduly interferes with the use of the Library by others.

Independent tutors are not sponsored by the Library. All arrangements must be made between the tutor, student, and parents.

In order for the Verona Public Library to assure that tutoring within the Library fits appropriately within the Library’s mission and service to the community, the following regulations apply to all tutoring that takes place within the Library.

1. Students must be Verona residents or attend school in Verona.
2. Before any tutoring session, the tutor must register in person at the Reference Desk.
3. Reference Desk Staff will advise the tutor about the availability and location of appropriate study areas.
4. Study areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
5. A tutor may only work with one student at a time. If the tutor has more than one student, the Junior Women’s Club Conference Room may be rented under the terms of the Meeting Room Policy.
6. A tutor may use the Library a maximum of (3) days a week, and daily usage by a tutor may not exceed a total of (2) hours.
7. Designated areas may not be available if needed for Library programs or activities.
8. Tutoring sessions must be kept as quiet as possible.