Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Verona Public Library!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to volunteer at the library?

The volunteer program is open only to students who live in or attend school in Verona, NJ who are in grades 8 to 12. 

What kinds of things will I do as a teen volunteer?

You may be asked to prepare crafts and create samples for children’s programs; set up for library events, help out during the program, and clean up afterwards; pull books from the shelves from a list or by other criteria; help tidy the library space; help younger kids with reading skills; and more!

How do I get started volunteering at the library? 

You get started volunteering at the library by filling out the application form. After submitting the application, you will be an active volunteer for the current school year.

How do I sign up for volunteer shifts?

When we receive your application, we will add your email address to the library’s teen newsletter. In that newsletter, you will receive access to the monthly volunteer signup sheet. 

How do I keep track of my hours?

There is a Google Form to log your hours. You will get the link to the form in the library’s teen newsletter.

What if I have a question you didn’t answer?

That’s what we’re here for! Please direct any questions about teen volunteering to Miss Jenna at

Ready to become a Teen Volunteer?

If volunteering at the library sounds right for you, fill out the application by clicking the button below! You will need to have your parent or guardian present to go over your application with you and sign it. After submitting your application, you will become an active volunteer for the current school year – and it will be your responsibility to keep up with available volunteer opportunities.

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